How I Work

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I am a Gestalt trained counsellor which means that there will be a focus on exploring your experience as it unfolds moment by moment in the session. This may include exploring current life situations as well as past experiences. My aim is to create a safe environment for you to speak and be heard; to help raise awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours and how they impact your relationship to yourself and others day to day. I believe that by gaining new insights into how you think and feel, you will develop a stronger sense of yourself and live your life in a more fulfilling way.

I offer short-term and long-term counselling, which is led by your needs. Offering a safe space for you to explore what counselling can be for you.

Sessions are 50 minutes, and the fee is £50.

Continuing sessions will be weekly at a mutually agreed time. The full fee is payable for cancellations with less than a week’s notice. Where possible I will offer an alternative time to offer some flexibility and to keep the work consistent.

I am currently offering in-person sessions in Bristol, BS6 and online sessions using Zoom – Monday to Thursday.